Programas de inmersión para estudiantes de 12 a 17 años.


ENGLISH & SPORTS ( 12 a 17 años)
De 12 a 16 años
De 12 a 17 años
De 11 a 17 años
De 13 a 17 años
A partir de 15 años
A partir de 15 años TODO EL VERANO | 1, 2, 3 ó 4 semanas Flexibilidad en la elección de fechas del curso Nivel mínimo requerido: B1

Más de 10 años de experiencias

  • I have taken part in both Dublin and Edinburgh projects as well as in the activity camp. They have been grateful experiences where I have sightseen impressive cities with my friends. Furthermore, my English has also improved. Travelling abroad alone tests a wide range of skills, Grammar and Pronunciation among them.

    Armand Gatius (2002)
  • My experience with ProjectOnLang lasted for 6 years in which I got to learn English and improve my communicative skills while playing with friends in Activity Camp or discovering Devon and Dublin. Moreover, travelling abroad at a young age helped me to find out about new cultures and experience a bunch of unforgettable moments!
    Thank you ProjectOnLang!

    Guillem Ponsa
  • At professional level, working at the Activity Camp of Project OnLang meant to be able to co-create, innovate and explore new educational tools and instruments to show kids the fun and useful side of speaking English. Working in such a positive environment with highly qualified and international experienced leaders implied to work in a cohesive and motivated team. At personal level, I can only be grateful for keeping great relationships with the PoL team members

    Anna Queralt
  • For me being in the POL team was a once in a lifetime experience both professional and personally

    Jaume Macías