De 14 a 17 anys
JULIOL i AGOST (3 ó 4 setmanes)

Aconsellem aquest programa als estudiants que ja hagin participat en un programa internacional a l’estranger. Nivell mínim requerit B1.

Perfecte per millorar el seu nivell de fluency compartint el dia a dia d’una família Canadenca on hi hagi un fill/a adolescent del seu grup d’edat.

-Programa sense Classes!
-2 activitats de mig dia/ setmana
-1 activitat de dia sencer/ setmana

Curs: 3 ó 4 setmanes (Juliol i Agost)
Allotjament en família.
Zones: Toronto (Ontario)

Supervisió a càrrec dels responsables locals de RED LEAF durant tot el programa.
Assessorament durant tot el programa.

Places limitades

Armand Gatius (2002)

I have taken part in both Dublin and Edinburgh projects as well as in the activity camp. They have been grateful experiences where I have sightseen impressive cities with my friends. Furthermore, my English has also improved. Travelling abroad alone tests a wide range of skills, Grammar and Pronunciation among them.

Armand Gatius (2002)
Guillem Ponsa (1998)

My experience with ProjectOnLang lasted for 6 years in which I got to learn English and improve my communicative skills while playing with friends in Activity Camp or discovering Devon and Dublin. Moreover, travelling abroad at a young age helped me to find out about new cultures and experience a bunch of unforgettable moments!

Thank you ProjectOnLang!

Guillem Ponsa (1998)
JAUME MACÍAS (ex monitor Activity Camp)

For me being in the POL team was a once in a lifetime experience both professional and personally


JAUME MACÍAS (ex monitor Activity Camp)

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